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Mexican scientist Sergio Jesus Rico Velasco from the Instituto Politecnico Nacional Invented “Solid Rain ” and Founded the Company “Silos de Agua ” to Commercialize the product.
Solid Rain is a potassium based powder which is capable of absorbing water up to 500 times its size. Solid Rain acts as a personal underground reservoir that retains water in the roots of any plant. This retained water is then slowly dispersed in the soil, keeping it constantly hydrated. Solid Rain helps encapsulate all the water that would regularly evaporate, making water available to any plant even in times of drought. Solid Rain encapsulates and disperses water for up to 8 years.
Solid Rain has been used in more than 10 different countries, all with different success stories. Solid Rain helps people save water, money and time.
During the process, solid Rain will provide the plant of a regular supply of water, avoiding water stress by promoting aeration, avoiding percolation and evaporation. Rain Solid Rain particles can be dried and re-hydrated each crop cycle.
Solid Rain acts as a water reservoir that allows between 65% and 80% of the stored water is taken by the root system of the plants according to their needs. Thus ensuring a stable and healthy growth of crops. Solid Rain Helps to reduce the water scarcity and emigration, can be used in agricultural and forestry sectors as well as in floriculture, horticulture and hydroponics.

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  • It saves water 60 to 80%.
  • It Is possible to initiate the sowing season before the rain starts.
  • The plants do not suffer for lack of moisture during their grow.
  • The crops do not get lost even if the doesn’t come on time
  • It gives the production 200 to 250 % extra depending onconditions of the soil, weather, etc.
  • Biodegradable and It increases fertility of the soil.
  • In extreme climate it works, especially in drought time.
  • It is Mexican technology and used almost all developed countries.
  • It increases ground water level and effective on global warming.
  • It works 8 years on average once we apply.


  • All sort of fruit Trees,
  • Vegetables, Commercial crops (Cotton, Sugar
  • Cane, Chilly, Corn etc)
  • Grass and Home Gardening
  • Flowers

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Solid rain, the invention of a Mexican.

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client testimonial

Mexican Solid Rain creates, alternative drought.

Mexican engineer creates "strong rain"

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client testimonial

Solid rain, the invention of a Mexican.