Hydro Gel, Water Agri Gel Solid Rain

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Hydro Gel, Water Agri Gel (SOLID RAIN INDIA)

Some times Solid Rain is referred as Gel, which is used in Agriculture to save the water.

Polyacrylate is an example of hydrogels or super absorbents. They are called so as they have the ability to absorb and hold a large amount of water. Hydrogels use cross-linked polymers to absorb water. This superabsorbent material is widely used in the manufacturing of diapers for babies. At the present time only three superabsorbent gels are used commercially these are sodium polyacrylate, potassium polyacrylate, and polyacrylamide. The potassium polyacrylate and polyacrylamide are widely used as fire-blocking gels. The superabsorbent gel commonly used to absorb chemical spills is potassium polyacrylate. This superabsorbent is also used to absorb water and store it in the form of gel crystals.

When mixed or tilled into soil, water Crystals will absorb and retain excess water for a period lot longer than untreated soil is capable of doing. The extent of time depends on ambient temperature, humidity and the thirst of the plant(s) the soil feeds. The water is extracted through the roots of the plants as the plant is growing. If you squeeze a hydrated crystal, the polymer won't leak moisture as does a sponge. Instead, the hydrated polymer gel will break into smaller pieces or crystals. A water crystal will dehydrate back to granules smaller than their original size, but replenish as full as its maximum