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Save the Water, Save the Plants and Increase the yield

Solid Rain, Invention of a Mexican, The Solution to the Water problem in the Agriculture. MAHASRIRAM AGRO is sole distributor of Solid Rain product in India, if any one selling the product with name Solid Rain, please report to us, they might be selling some duplicate product with this name, Appropriate action will be taken on those people. Please only buy from our distributors.

    Solid Rain Can be used in following areas
  1. 1.Field Crops.
  2. 2.All cash crops like exotic vegetables, Indian vegetables, potato, sugarcane.
  3. 3.Indoor Plants
  4. 4.Grass Lawns, Golf Courses, Cricket Stadiums etc
  5. 5.Plantation Crops like Tea estates, Coffee Estates, Coconut, Cashew, Rubber, Timber and forestry plantations
  6. 6.Green House, Shade net and other Hi tech cultivation practices.
  7. 7.Landscaping sites, Terrace Gardens
  8. 8.Field Crop Nursery, Garden Nursery and Plantation nursery.
  9. 9.Urban Farming, Kitchen Garden, Flower pots at Home, Hotel Restaurants etc