Potassium Polyacrylate Polymer

Super Absorbent Polymer

Solid rain in one hand & water crystals in the other

Potassium Polyacrylate Polymer

When a region notes a deficiency in water supply either surface or underground water for an extended period of time due to climatic conditions this situation can be termed as drought. When a region receives a constant below average precipitation for a very long time (years) droughts are said to occur. Environmental factors may not be the sole cause for droughts, even human activities such as over farming, deforestation, over use of fertilizers and erosion which adversely affect the ability of land to capture and hold water. Sometimes a combination of both environmental factors and human activities may result in droughts. For this problem to be resolved a new technology recently developed can be used. This is known as powdered water.

Powdered water also known as rain is composed of potassium polyacrylate. This polymer can easily be retained in it for an entire year on addition to soil. This material can absorb water up to 500 times its size. On addition of this polymer to water we see water being converted into a thick, translucent gel type compound. A whole liter of water can be transformed into this gel like compound by using just 10 grams of solid rain

Polymers consist of molecules having high molar masses and consist of a large number of repeating units. Polymers are formed by chemical reactions containing monomers which are joined sequentially, forming a chain. Super absorbent polymers (SAP) and Hydrogels are water-absorbing and water-holding materials.

Superabsorbent materials have many characteristics and due to this very reason they are mostly used in the manufacturing of many household items all over the globe. Some of them include baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, surgical sponges, and many more.

The characteristics of this polymer are as follows:

  • It is innocuous and can sop up water and release water time after time.
  • It can also absorb fertilizers, pesticides and release them slowly, swell the efficacy of them.