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Solid Rain-The Miracle Solution for Droughts

MAHASRIRAM Agro is sole distributor of Solid Rain Mexican product in India, we have distributors across India, Please contact your nearest distributor for Solid Rain Product

Solid Rain Potential Solution for Crops on Droughts

The miracle solution for droughts is called Solid Rain, and is now available for your crops, your lawn, or whatever else you need to water when there is no rain for months in the weather report. The amazing product was invented in Mexico, and it was able to increase productivity in crops by 300% in very arid zones. Find out more information right here.

The chemical name for the amazing Solid Rain is potassium polyacrylate, and it is a miracle polymer which can absorb up to 500 times its own volume. Powder water just may be the solution for saving water, and the blighted crops. One liter of wateris absorbed in mearly 10 grams of Solid Rain, converting it into a translucent gel.

How do we use Solid Rain?

Apparently, it is pretty easy, all you have to do is dig some small holes throughout your field, mix the amazing Solid Rain (which can be either dry, either previously hydrated) with soil, and put the soil in the holes. The water withheld in the polymer is stored for up to a year without evaporating, and it can only be used by the roots of plants

Solid Rain was created by Mexican chemical engineer Sergio Jésus Rico Velasco. He had been leading a long battle in researching means to fight the drought in his country. The idea was inspired diapers, which are able to retain much more volume than their own.

How much does it cost?

Solid Rain is sold for $32 per KG. The product has already been in use for 12 years in Mexico, but it has only recently been introduced to the US market, after getting the FDA approval.

Pros and Cons

Some farmers fear that the solid rain could affect the water table, since it does not let anymore water reach it. But specialists say that is impossible, since the potassium polyacrylate encapsulates up to 500 times its own size, the rest, goes through the earth, in the water table..

Polyacrylamides are polymers of acrylamide. The basic units, acrylic acid and acrylamide, are similar – the former has a carboxylic acid functional group (carbonyl attached to an OH) and the latter has an amide (same thing but with a nitrogen-based group at the end instead of OH). That difference may seem small, but in organic chemistry terms, it is a very big difference. So basically, it seems pretty safe.

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