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Solid Rain available in all quantities, Our distributors can supply any quantity based on customer requirement

Advantages of solid rain

  • Solid rain is a non- toxic and eco-friendly material which does not pose a threat while handling.
  • It is easy use while cultivation of crop.
  • It is tasteless, non-polluting to plants, soil and groundwater, flowers, fruits and trees.
  • This material can be re-used on recovery from the soil.
  • This product is not very expensive and can even be used in household gardens.
  • This product enables the storage of water for 12 months.
  • Improvement of soil structure is also an advantage of this material.
  • Promotes microbial growth and can also improve the utilization of soil turnover efficiency.
  • High speed of absorbing capacity ensures that water does not evaporate.
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solid rain india price