Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) India

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Super Absorbent Polymer India (SAP)

Droughts today are the biggest concern in today’s ever growing world due to various environmental factors such as global warming, greenhouse effect to site a few. Due to this very reason a new cure has been discovered to curb this problem. A super absorbent polymer known as “SOLID RAIN” can be used to reduce this problem that mainly arises during the summer and winter seasons in various tropical and sub- tropical countries in many parts of the world. In this paper we will be talking about potassium polyacrylate used in the manufacturing of solid rain and how this chemical is capable of soaking water upto 500 times its size. We will also be talking about the various advantages of this new technology and how this product may prove to be the world’s greatest success towards achieving an eco-friendly and ecological sustainable environment especially in the third world countries, so that future generations may also meet their needs

Super Absorbent Polymers are prepared from acrylic acid and a cross-linker by solution or suspension polymerization. The type and quantity of cross-linker control both the swelling capacity and gel modulus. Super Absorbent Polymer is a new type macro molecular synthetic material that can absorb water of hundreds times of its weight in a short time. It is one kind of functionality macromolecule polymer which is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive. It can not conflagrate and blast. Super Absorbent Polymers, otherwise known as SAP, absorbent polymers, absorbent gels, super soakers, super slurpers, gel crystals, are materials that swell in water to form a clear gel made up of separate, individual particles. Unlike a sponge, in which water can be wrung out easily, Solid Rain particles retain the absorbed water even under pressure. This unique ability to hold absorbed water, even against pressure, is the primary benefit of using super absorbent polymers.

Super Absorbent Polymer